Our knowledge cafe, “On The Move: Mobile Pastoralism in the Mediterranean – Retro-innovation for a sustainable future”, took place on Monday 5th in our exhibition space – amidst photographs celebrating the lives of shepherds, which was very much appreciated by all our attendees.

We were very lucky to have with us a mix of participants: conservationists and indigenous pastoralists from Kenya and Siberia, and the institutions that represent them.

The session opened with everyone introducing themselves, after which they were invited to share stories about their practices in their countries, experiences, and the issues / problems they are facing.

Emerging themes included: marginalization and issues around rights, how to start supporting the practices on each country, gender issues, and generational issues – specifically about the youth not wanting to continue this practice.

Concrete ways forward were explored, and we’re very much looking forward to putting next steps into practice.

Moderated by Gonzalo Oviedo, IUCN, convened by DiversEarth for the Mediterranean Consortium For Nature And Culture.